wood-plastic extruder SHJ series

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The equipment of wood and plastic compound (WPC)products manufacture. WPC products is a new generation green environmental preservative materials popular in the world at present. The materials is extruded with low-cost wasted wood and plant fibers(such as wood chip,corn stalk,etc.)and wasted plastic(PP,PE and PVC,etc) The raw materials resource is broad, being a very good substitute for wood, and has been widely applied worldwide.

Now it is being recognized and adopted domestically. Now most of the domestic enterprises are using twostep method to WPC products. It is of low efficiency and high cost. Through many years keen study, our company has successfully produced a special equipment for producting WPC products by twin-screw extruding machine in one step, which has filled the empty in this field. This represents a breakthrough of WPC products processing equipment in China.

Technical Data



Yf180 Yf240 Yf300
Max Profile Width (mm)
180 240 300
Auxiliary Total Power (kw)
18.7 27.5 33.1
Cooling Water Capacity (m3/h)
5 7 7

Compressed Air Pressure (Mpa)

0.6 0.6 0.6



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