SHJ95 series (Twin-screw extruder) SHJ95 series

Item Code:SHJ95 series Features:Main technical parameters: Motor power: 132kw .DC(or AC); L/D: 40:1 Screw diameter: 91mm.
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Representative Materials Working Capability Schedule Of SHJ95

SHJ95 series Extruder Package(Reference Values)  



Representative materials

Operating capability Kg/h(reference values)

Mixing nature-changing





Filling nature-changing

PEPPEVA,ect.+Calcium carbonatetalcum powdertitanic powderABSPCPS,etc.+aluminum hydroxide,magnesium hydroxide,antimony oxide.


PPPAABS+ferrous powdersulphuric powderceramic powder


Functional machine pellets

PPPAABSPBT,etc+anti-burning agent and other auxiliary agentscombustion-supporting machine pellets


PEPPPS,etc+starchde-composing machine pellets


PE+fog-preventing dipperstabilizerdual-prevention machine pellets


PEEVA=ABSetc+carbon blackblack machine pellets


Colored machine pellets

PEPPABSASPAEVAPET+pigment and auxiliary


Lntensified glass fibres and carbin fibres

PPPBTABSASPAPCPOMPPSPET,etc.+long firessmall fibressarbon fibrescrystsls and so on,etc.


Various cables

HDPELDPELLDPEMDPEEVAPVCPP,etc.lnsulating cablescoatings,PE peroxidesilicon alkyl crossing cablesradialization crossing cables


Special materials

EVA heat-melting gluepolyurethane, fluorin rubberfluorine plasticsPP cigarette filtering material and TPR sole material



Reaction extruding

Polyamide condensatepolyamide melting polymerizationpolyamide polyethene-addingpolycarbonate condensate,etc.


Exhausting and volatilization

Polystyrene oxidehigh-absorbing resinchlorine sulphur polyethylene


Powder paint

Polyesterring oxidelactidepolyurethaneacrylate



I.    SHJ95 technical parameters

   Twin-screw stem length-diameter ratio 401

    Twin-screw stem motor power 132KW DC

II.   Machine configuration

a)    SHJ 95 twin-screw extruder

A. Gearbox

1      Reduction factor3.751

2      Output shaft rotation speedMAX400RPM

3      Input shaft rotation speedMAX1500RPM

4      The compact host machine features integrated speed reduction and torque transfer with a design of parallel three axles. SKF bearings are used in the reducer, torque transfer device and as the radial bearing in the output shaft.

B. Lubrication oil cooling system

1      Motor of oil pump 1.1KW

2      Lubrication oil model: Hai Brand 6402 made in Shanghai, middium load gear oil, model: 85W/90GL - 4.

3      Brand name: xi' an Oil Pump Plant

4      Condenser modelSL - 415

5      Lube oil pump modelCB – B16

C. Motor of host machine

1      Motor of host machine132KWDC motor)

2      Motor speed ( MAX)1500RPM

3      Brand name: Wannan Motor Plant

D. Screw stem

1      Screw stem diameterΦ91mm

2      L/D = 40:1

3      Screw stem with modular structure

4      The screw core shaft is made of 40CrNiMoA, and the screw thread components connect with the core shaft in an involute curve, which features high intensity, large load, and easy disassembly and assembly.

5      The screw components are made of high quality high-speed tool steel, W6MO5Cr4V2, that receives heat treatment with vacuum hardening at high temperature.

6      Whole hardness: HRC62-64



E. Charging barrel

1.    The barrel body is made of #45 steel, and the "8" shape hole is lined with wearing proof alloy a-101Fe - Cr - Ni -B+Carbide, hardness: HRC60 - 64, barrel length: L = 360mm/section.

2.   The first cylinder is used for feeding materials, the 10th cylinder for extrusion, the 9th cylinder for vacuum and the other cylinders are of closed mouth type.

3.   Soft water circulation system

3.1 The barrel uses soft water cooling.

3.2 The soft water tank separates with the body, which facilitates cleaning and service.

3.3 Electromagnetic valveCEME9313 imported from Italy.

3.4 Water pipe are copper pipes coated with chrome.

3.5 cooling method: water cooling

3.6 cooling pump0.75KW
3.7 water tank capacity180L

F. heating system

Temperature control section  charging barrel section  type of heating piece

 Section 1  material feeding

Zone 1  section 2  cast copper

Zone 2  section 3  cast copper

Zone 3  section 4   cast aluminum

Zone 4  section 5  cast aluminum

Zone 5  section 6  cast aluminum

Zone 6  section 7  cast aluminum

Zone 7  section 8  cast aluminum

Zone 8  section 9  cast aluminum

Zone 9  section 10  cast aluminum

Test the fusing temperature with the fusing temperature thermal couple, and test the materials pressure with the pressure sensor.

H. Electrical control system

a)    3X380VAC 50Hz

b)    Main electric control components are Siemens products.

c)    Control buttons are Schroder products from France.

d)    Twin-screw stem motor is a DC motor with a power of 132KWand the  speed regulator in the twin-screw stem host machine is the British EUROTHERM.

e)    The speed regulator in the feeding machine is the Japanese FUJI variable-frequency regulator.

f)     The temperature control meter is a Japanese RKC product with intelligent double channels and a temperature control in each zone.

g)    Pressure meter range: 0- 25Mpa.

h)    The electromagnetic valve is imported from Italy CEME9313.

i)     Heating is controlled by the temperature control meter via a  solid-state relay with high-temperature wire.

j)     The electric control cabinet controls the temperature control system, the driving system and the interlock control system.

I. Interlock control system

1. Only after the oil lubrication system interlocks with the host machine, i.e., the oil pump starts up, can you start up the host machine.

2. Only after the feeding system interlocks with the host machine, i.e., the host machine starts up, can you start up the feeding machine.

3. When the pressure system interlocks with the host machine, i.e., reaches overpressure, both the host machine and feeding machine should stop operation.

4. When the electric current interlocks with the host machine, i.e., reaches overcurrent, both the host machine and feeding machine should stop operation.

b)    One set of thermal cutting auxiliary machine

a)    One piece of thermal cutting template with 108 orifices (diameter: 4.0mm).

b)    One thermal cutting tool handle and four tools.

c)    One thermal cutting granule stainless steel cover mounted with spotlight and peep hole.

d)    One mess replacement device. Mess is replaced by hydraulic pressure plate. And the motor power of the hydraulic pressure station is 1.5KW.

e)    One thermal cutting granule lathe (motor power: 2.2KW) with a Japanese FUJI frequency regulator.

f)     One Wen T-joint (diameter: 180mm) that connects with the thermal cutting cover.

g)    One  first stage high pressure blower with a power of 15KW.

h)    First stage transportation stainless steel pipe (diameter: 180mm, length: 6m).

i)     One first stage cyclone separator made of stainless steel ( diameter: 1000mm).

j)     One  second stage high pressure blower with a power of 15KW.

k)    Stainless steel storage bin (diameter: 1000mm), the second stage transportation stainless steel pipe (diameter: 160mm), one Wen stainless steel tube ( length: 6m).

l)     1.2m2 oscillating screen: 1 piece.

m)   One spiral automatic feeding machine.

n)    One set of automatic weighing,  package,  and sealing device..

c)    Spare parts

a)    Twin-screw stem cylinder cast aluminum heaters  2

b)    Loading end mesh replacement cast copper heater  1

c)    One input oil seal and one output oil of seal transmission case   3

d)    Twin-screw stem components  ~300mm

e)    Hardware tools box  1

f)     Copper rod ø30mmX250mm  1

g)    Asbestos gloves  2 pairs


III.       Training and service

a)    Instruction of field installation

b)    Equipment field debugging and trial run

c)    Training on field operation and maintenance for customer's personnel.

d)    With regard to equipment failure resulted from design or manufacturing quality, 1 year free warranty and guarantee of provision of spare parts.

e)    Long-term technical consultation service.

f)     No matter in or after the warranty period, the supplier, upon receipt of customer's notice on equipment failure, will provide a clear solution within 6 hours. If necessary, the supplier's maintenance officials should arrive at site within 10 hours excluding time spent on the way.


IV.  Installation and debugging: when the machine arrives at site, the customer should install it on the appropriate position according to the specifications provided by the supplier; and then, the supplier should send its officials to the site in order to instruct the customer about trial run and debugging. The customer should provide necessary conditions for trial run. When it runs normally, the ownership title of the machine should be transferred to the customer. And the customer should provide the user acceptance report to the supplier. The customer should provide materials for trial run, and should decide the processing conditions in trial run with consideration of the supplier's opinions.


V.   Documents: 1 set of electric assembly drawings, 1 user's manual of twin-screw extruder, 1 user's manual of speed regulator, 1 user's manual of frequency converter, 1 user's manual of temperature control meter, and 1 assembly drawing of screw stem.


VI.  Time of delivery: when the contract becomes valid, the machine should be delivered within 45 days since receipt of the advance payment (the delivery date is the date on the shipment voucher, excluding the period of transportation). And the equipment will be in normal operation after debugging within one week after arrival.

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